Accessing pi

You connect to pi via a web browser. If you've installed on your local machine with the default settings (or you are actually on the server), then you can connect using: http://localhost:8224/pi

Depending on how the dashboard has been configured, you may have a different URL to connect to.  If you're connecting to a deployed dashboard, you will need to ask your administrator for the URL. It will normally be in the format +https://mycompany-dashboard+ or something very similar.  You can bookmark or favourite the page, as you would any other website.  After clicking the dashboard link, you will be presented with the login screen.

The pi Dashboard can be configured to accept an external login; in which case you will not be presented with this login screen.  At the login screen, you will need to enter the username and password supplied by your administrator. The default 'admin' user password for a new installation is 'dashboard'.  Enter your credentials and hit the 'Login' button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Invalid username or password

If you enter either a username or password combination that is invalid, you will receive the message shown below.  You will need to re-enter your username and password and retry.

The username is not case sensitive, but the password is.


To prevent forced entry attacks your username will enter the tarpit if you get your password wrong multiple times.  This will result in exponentially longer wait times between retries and will indicate how long you must wait before retrying.  If you get into difficulty, your administrator will need to re-save your user account to clear the tarpit.

Password Expired/ Update your password

You may see the message shown below from time to time, and you'll probably get it when you first login. It means that your username and password is correct, but that your password has expired, and you now need to provide a new one.
Type the new password, and confirm it, in the second box.  Then click 'Change and Login'.

The values must match, and they are case sensitive.  If you see this message, then re-type and try again.

Finally, when entering your new password, you could see the following message.

This is because your password is not complex enough.  Your administrator can put minimum requirements for passwords into the system and if your new password doesn't match these requirements you'll see the 'Invalid password' message.  Try using a phrase – a mixture of case, characters, and numbers, e.g., turn a phrase like 'I Love Data' into IL0v3D.

Logged in

Once you have logged in, you should be presented with the default dashboard, which (on a brand-new installation) is just a series of simple charts over the Dashboard itself.  If you see a blank screen after login, or you see the following error message, your administrator has not allocated any categories (dashboard pages) to you.

You will only have access to the categories granted to you by the administrator.  If you have been assigned categories but still can't see anything then the most common reason is that a default layout hasn't been saved. To rectify this Chart Developers should always remember to save the default once they've finished configuring a category: