Adding Tables/ Views

The dashboard does not move any data; it reads directly from whatever tables or views you configure in this section.

Once you have created a valid Data Connection you will need to add tables and/ or views to it.

Click the Data tab on the connection and then click the ‘Add Table’ icon .

This will then bring up a list of the schemas in the database that the user, identified on the ‘Connection’ screen, has access to.

If we drill down into a schema with data, we will see a list of tables/ views that the user has access to. If we drill into a table, by clicking the ‘Expand’ icon  to the right of the table name we will see a list of the columns available to us in that table.

If you tick the box next to a table name it will give you an object (right-hand side) in the database connection that points to the table (left-hand side).

Initially, there will be no columns in the table all we’ve done at this stage is create a pointer to the table. To add columns, you can either click the ‘Expand’ icon  and choose which columns you want to add, or you can click the ‘Select All Columns’ icon  to add them all.

Select the columns that you want to include from one of the tables by ticking the relevant boxes.

Once we have chosen the table we wish to create, with the columns that we wish to add for that table, click the generate button in the bottom right-hand corner.

When this process has finished, the table will be displayed on the Data tab.

Remember to click the ‘Save’ icon at the top-left of the screen after adding your table.