Creating a New Category

Categories are the pages that are represented in the left-hand panel of the Dashboard or optionally across the top of the page. When users log into the dashboard, the first category that they have been given access to will be automatically loaded and will appear at the top of the Category list. If you need to change the first Category that is loaded after log on, consider changing the Category Position - you can find more information on how to do this here.

Users with the Administrator role can create, modify or delete categories. 

To add a new category, select the Categories panel in the Configuration Screen.

To add a new category, click the ‘Add’ icon.

The new category panel will be displayed.

You will notice that at the top of the panel the field for Category Title is highlighted and has a red exclamation mark.

If you place the mouse over this exclamation mark, you will see the message ‘Category title is required’. Category Title is the only mandatory field for a category, the name must also be unique. 

After entering a unique category title this field should no longer be highlighted and the exclamation mark should have disappeared. When a unique category title has been entered, the ‘Save’ icon will be enabled. Once saved the new category will appear in the category list in the Dashboard.