April 2021 Dashboard Release Notes

Release Name - pi.2021-04-29

Release Date - May 5, 2021

We are pleased to present our latest offering of pi - our April 2021 release! This page helps summarise and familiarise you with the changes we have made, and is supported (where applicable) with useful videos to help explain the changes we have delivered.

Dec 13, 2021 - in response to a Java security vulnerability around Log4J2, this version of the dashboard needs to be updated to a version from our patched November 21 (inclusive) - or mitigating actions taken to provide security assurances - more information can be found HERE

Before upgrading, we recommend taking a backup. You can find more information here.

Here’s what we’ll cover;


Windows Installer


Windows installer will now copy Maria data (from db folder) and themes (from themes folder) and place them alongside the installer into a new clean install. This can be used to setup a pre-customised installation and can also be used with the silent installer for unattended use.



Multi Picker Category Object Filter (Zendesk#11326,12097,14030)



When Multi-Picker has been selected in a Category Object filter users were previously only able to select one Default Value. The April release of the Dashboard now allows users to pick multiple values from the Default Value field. When users return to the relevant category the Multi-Picker chosen values will appear in the Category Filter section as Default Values.


The following screenshot shows multiple values selected in the Default Value section under Category Objects.


We’ve created a short video to explain this in a bit more detail.


Dashboard ‘Help’

Help Option

The ‘Help’ option now links, by default, to pi Documentation, where you can search for and find frequently used articles and see our newest content.


The ‘Help’ option can be seen by clicking the ‘More Options’ icon at the top-right of the dashboard.

If you don’t want to use the ‘Help’ option, remove the URL from the ‘System Variables: General’ section on the ‘Setting’s tab under ‘Dashboard Configuration’


This short video shows how you use the ‘Help’ feature and also prevent the option from appearing.

Warnings/ Alerts

This feature will only appear if you do a clean install of the dashboard and do not restore any repositories. If you already have a repository that has a link to an online help URL, the current URL will not be removed or replaced.



Target values on Charts - Redshift (Zendesk#13461)

Chart Attributes


Charts that contain Targets that are created from a Redshift database were not being displayed correctly. The Targets on the chart were all displayed as 0.


Measures in Crosstabs (Zendesk#13814)



When using a Cross Tab table in the Dashboard that contains a header with special characters, Measure values were not being displayed in the Cross Tab table.


PostgresSql Objects (Zendesk#13319)



A problem where PostgresSql objects displaying as [object Object] instead of the correct DB values has been fixed in this release. With this change the user does not need to do manual casts for special types from postgresSql.


Scheduler - Migrations During Upgrades (Zendesk#13621)

pi Reports / Scheduler


Schedules in dashboards with the old scheduling system will now be migrated into to the new scheduling system on upgrade.

  • The migration will happen automatically on upgrade if there are old schedules (in mis_dashboard_schedules) AND there are no new schedules (in pi_schedules).

  • All migrated schedules will be set to suspended, the user will need to reactivate any schedules they wish to keep running.

  • Scheduled KPIs will not be migrated as KPIs are no longer supported.

Remember to back up the database before migrating! All old schedule data is deleted during the migration.


Parent Table sort options (Zendesk#14359)



When a Parent Table has been filtered, any sorting options used on a table header in the Parent Table was not being retained.


The following screenshot shows a filtered version of a Parent Table on the right and also shows how the sort order on the ‘Decimals’ column in the Parent Table on the left has been maintained.


API - Role creation endpoint



A fix has been made to the response of the new API role creation endpoint. Previously successful creation returned the id of the newly created role, in addition it will now also return the whole object with every available field matching the API documentation.


API - 404 error (Zendesk#14535)



A problem where the API was returning 404 error with new created users has been resolved - this was caused by old flex columns having default as null.


Resizing columns in tables



With the introduction of the new table library users were unable to resize columns, this has now being fixed and users will be able to resize a column to whatever size they need.


We’ve created a short video that explains this fix.


Scheduler - Last day of Month schedules (Zendesk#13072,14748)

pi Reports / Scheduler

When a schedule has been created for the last day of the month it will run correctly on months that have less than 31 days.

  • April, June, September and November - last day of the month schedules will run on the 30th

  • February - last day of the month schedules will run on the 28th (or 29th in Leap Years)

Last day of the Month schedules will run on the 31st for all other months.

Keeping An Eye On pi