Export to PowerPoint

The export to PowerPoint option provides users with the ability to download charts, tables and reports as PowerPoint files (.pptx).

The following points should be taken into account when using PowerPoint export:

  • Long tables will be split over multiple slides automatically

  • The table header row will be repeated on all slides when a table spans multiple slides

  • Tables that are exported will be converted into a PowerPoint table, which means that the table can be customised using PowerPoint’s ‘Table Design’ tools

  • Charts will be converted to an image in PowerPoint

  • ‘Export to PowerPoint’ is permission based, only users who have been granted this permission or have a role that has been granted permission will be able to see and use this export

Exporting Tables to PowerPoint

When a table is exported you will be able to use the ‘Table Design’ tab in PowerPoint to customise the table.

In the following example, we exported the table and then formatted the table header to include a background colour on the header row.

Exporting Charts to PowerPoint

When a chart is exported, it will appear in PowerPoint as an image. You will not be able to make any formatting changes to the chart but you will be able to change the placement of the chart on the slide and resize it.


To provide access to the PowerPoint export for users, ensure that the ‘Export to PowerPoint’ option is ticked on the ‘Users’ or ‘Roles’ tab in ‘Dashboard Configuration’.

Users or Roles that do not have this permission will not see or be able to use the ‘Export to PowerPoint’ icon.