Product Roadmap


The following list represents a view of our product development cycle and some new features that we are exploring and planning to deliver for the dashboard.

This list is intended for information purposes only, and should not be interpreted as a commitment on the part of Panintelligence to deliver these items.




  • User No User - Restrictions, Privilages and Variables

  • DevOps - Branch and GIT Integration

  • Observability - improvements around Logging, Tracing and Metric reporting

  • Visulations - New Chart Types, Additional ToolTips & Colour Gradients

  • Beyond iFrame - JDK and SDK

  • MultiLingual - Improved editing and process simplification

  • Organisations - Phase 2 additional requirement

  • AI (ML / LLMs) - Random Forest, SVM and Open AI NLQ/NLP

  • Data Tables - Expand & Collapse and Data Bars

  • JSON / Structure Walker - CSS

  • Grails Library Replacement

  • Mobile - Alternative Styles, Tables & Filters

  • AI (Causal) - DAG, Feedback Loop & AB Testing