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Ways To Raise A Support Case


  • Version & Installation/Deployment

    • What version of the dashboard is the issue occurring on? If you’re using a old version, we might have resolved your issue already.

    • When was the dashboard last upgraded?

    • Where is the dashboard installed – i.e. Cloud / Platform, or an On Premise Server?

    • What deployment method is being used to run the dashboard - i.e. Windows / Linux / DockerContainerised solution, or our AWS AMI?

  • Case Specifics

    • When did the issue start occurring - has it worked previously?

    • Has there been any recent changes to the dashboard configuration / architecture? Firewall and Anti Virus policy changes performed by your IT providers can impact on dashboards and other applications, so its something worth ruling out.

    • What actions were being undertaken at the time the issue occurred?

    • What steps are required to recreate the issue - or steps you have attempted to try and recreate it?

      • Include information such as the browser being used, chart names and categories being reviewed, data connections being referenced, areas/screens of the dashboard you were in when it occurred, what mouse clicks and keyboard button presses were performed - as much detail as possible.

  • Useful Artifacts

    • What do the log files show - are there any errors - provide the log files as an attachment

    • Provide screenshots / gif’s / videos of the issue - these are really helpful and can signifcantly speeds up our response times once provided.

  • Impact

    • What is this stopping the user from doing?

    • How many users are being impacted by this?

    • Issue Frequency (Intermittent, Transient or Consistent)


When raising a ticket through email, please ensure that the Subject line of your email follows the format below - this helps with loading the case into our Service Management solution

Partner Name | (Your Customers Name) – Product and Version – Brief but informative title for the issue

Once the case arrives with us, we may adjust the title to be better associated with the issue in hand, once the investigations are under way.