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If you are performing an upgrade, rather than a fresh installation, we always recommend that you review ALL release notes, from the version you are considering upgrading from and to.

This is essential should there be a material change that could impact you or your customers.

We always advise that you take a backup of your repository before beginning an upgrade, and recommend testing out the new software on a test environment first.


We have several ways by which you can obtain a copy of our latest software, depending on how you prefer to operate;


Deployment Type

Licence Manager / Customer Download Site

Windows & Linux


Containers (e.g Docker)**

Amazon AWS Marketplace

AMI Images

*we still use DockerHub for those that use it, however we are sunsetting this method at the end of 2023

**we have some best practice guidelines on configuring Containers that make upgrading easy - see HERE

Getting SetUp

Licence Manager / Customer Download Site

Its best to discuss your access requirements with your Customer Sucess Manager, we can then provide the right people with the appropriate access needed.

It's then just a case of logging in with the credentials provided, and opening the Download page where you can find the Windows and Linux installers.


We just need to provide your GitHub account(s) with access on our end.

It’s then just a case of you logging in with Github (eg docker login and using the ghcr image names eg pi-cr/server:latest.

Amazon AWS Marketplace

You will need to log into the AWS Marketplace with your own AWS account to obtain the image.

When we issue new releases, there can be several days of delay from when the release is available on the AWS Marketplace. This is due to Amazon performing its own image verification procedures before they make the files available.

Should you need any help accessing any of the repositories, please Raise A Support Case with our Service Desk team and we can help with that.