Automated Licence Manager

What is the Automated Licence Manager

The Automated Licence Manager (ALM) allows remote management of licences for Panintelligence. Instead of individually handling your licences across a fleet of servers, you can update your licence information in one place. This information is pulled from our platform and you’re 100% up-to-date all the time.


Your application servers must have internet access. ALM calls home by means of a web API. If you need to specifically whitelist a DNS address, then you should open access to "".


It’s highly recommended that you do not place your application servers in a DMZ.

Applying Your Licence


To apply a licence previously, you needed to specify an XML licence file using the configuration tool. Applying the ALM licence is handled in much the same way, simply specify the file containing the UUID in the configuration tool. The dashboard will work out how best to use this file.


File based approach

1 2 3 4 5 cd /var/panintelligence/Dashboard/tomcat/webapps/panLicenceManager/WEB-INF/classes touch licence.uuid nano licence.uuid #copy your uuid key into this file rm licence.xml

Restart your dashboard and your new licence will be used right away.

Environment variable based approach

  • set the environment variable PI_LICENCE value to your UUID. if updating from an XML licence file, you will need to delete this:

1 2 cd /var/panintelligence/Dashboard/tomcat/webapps/panLicenceManager/WEB-INF/classes rm licence.xml
  • restart your dashboard and the new variable will be pulled through

How do I know if the callback was successful?

If you logged in, it worked!

What do I do if it doesn’t log in?

First verify that the application server/container has egress only access to the internet. This will allow the application to call out, but no sessions would be able to be started from outside your network, thus protecting your application server. You can do this by pinging a common website from your application server.

If you have verified that you have access to the internet from your application server and are still having problems logging in, please contact your Customer Success Manager who will help find the right people to resolve your issue quickly.