Embedded Categories

The URL below is to be used for embedding a category.

The URL has to be set up this way to be able to set the category objects correctly.

Copying the URL is not going to embed a category correctly, because the URL present on the browser is always the result of a redirect / update.


A URL is composed of a few parts:
protocol + host + port (optional) + path (optional) + query parameters (optional) + url fragment (optional)
Always in the above order.

So for the URL above this breaks down like this:

  • protocol: https://

  • host: localhost

  • port: 8224

  • path: /pi/

  • delimiter between path and parameters: ?

  • query parameters1: lang=en_GB

    • en_GB is the locale for text translation

  • query parameters2: categoryMode=1

    • categoryMode: 1: hides header and category list, 2: shows header and hides category list, 3: shows category list and hides header

  • url fragment: #/dashboard-system/#/redirectToDefaultCategoryState/50

    • this allows landing on a category and automatically setting/redirecting to a url with the correct default values defined on this category

    • 50 is the category id

    • This is our only supported way to embed a category correctly