Product Releases


In this section you’ll be able to find comprehensive release notes for each of our product release.

Each set of notes will contain links to updated documentation, and in some cases videos to support new features, or where more in depth changes have been made to pre existing areas of the dashboard.

We encourage all of our partners to upgrade their versions of the dashboard as frequently as possible, to take benefit of the new features and security improvements we introduce.

Whilst we tend to release at the end of each month, we do sometimes do this less frequently when we have a significant change to deliver, there keep up-to-date with new releases in our Product News section.

For those of you who deploy on Windows and/or Linux, you can obtain the latest release from our Customer Portal – if you don’t have access just yet, please let us know and we can get you up and running in minutes.

Partners can also make use of our DockerHub repository, or if you prefer AWS, we have images available on our AWS Marketplace site - if you need access to either of these, please reach out to the Service Desk and we can arrange access for you.

ALWAYS remember to read the release notes fully (and for those wishing to upgrade from 12+ month old version), to understand the changes we have made since your latest version was implemented.

We do not recommend that you attempt to complete an unsupported upgrade without having read all the interim release notes. To be on the safe side, we always recommend that you back up your existing repository before you begin - here’s how - and where possible, testing the upgrade away from your production environment is highly recommended, should you run into any unexpected issues.

If you are unsure on the path to take, check out our Upgrade guides, or speak to your Customer Success Manager to see how we can best assist you with an upgrade.