Category Access

The purpose of this screen is not to assign users to categories, please refer to User Management for information on how to do this, but rather to display what having permissions for a given category will in turn give you access to. It also enables you to achieve ‘en masse’ functions that would otherwise take some time; for example, moving a group of charts to a different category.

For any category, or combination of categories selected in the list on the left this screen will show certain panels, in this example ‘Child Categories’, ‘Charts and ‘Data Connections’, the default settings, have been selected at the top of the screen.

‘Child Categories’ will show any children of the category selected in the category hierarchy. In the following example, ‘Dashboarding’ has been selected and this shows the Child Categories of Human Resources, Insurance and Retail Dashboards.

Otherwise, each of the other panels will show the items of that type, Charts, Objects etc. owned by the category or categories you have selected from the list on the left-hand side. 

In addition, ticking the button next to any given item in the panels will reveal a ‘To Move’ button at the bottom of the panel, enabling you to assign ownership of the item(s) in question to another category or, in the case of ‘Child Categories’ you can move them to ‘sit under’ a different category in the category hierarchy. The following screenshot shows that a chart has been selected in the Chart panel.

After clicking the ‘To Move’ button you will be able to select the new Category from a drop-down list.

On ‘Charts’ only you can delete a chart(s) by selecting it and clicking the ‘To Delete’ button. Please also refer to Deleting a Chart for more information.

To confirm the deletion, click the ‘Delete Selected’ button.

Remember that:

  • A chart can be owned by a category but might not actually be placed in that category for viewing purposes.

  • A chart can exist in multiple categories, but can only be owned by one category

  • To gain access to a category which has parent(s) you need to have access to those parents as well

  • Assigning ownership of anything to the category of ‘Home’ will give everyone access to it.