User Restrictions

Users can also have User Restrictions.

This works like the variables tab; in that you click the ‘Add’ icon to create a new restriction but this time when you click the ‘Add’ icon you will be presented with a pop-up list of the data connections the user has access to.

Once you have selected a data connection you will then need to select the data object in it that you wish to restrict on. In the follow example we are using the Job Role object from the HR Data Connection. 

The next step is to add the restriction value, this is done by clicking the magnifying glass at the end of the line for the restriction value. The pop-up screen will show all values within the selected data object, you can select as many values as you want. Click the ‘Apply’ button at the bottom of the screen to confirm the selection.

These restrictions will only apply to charts that contain the data object of HR.Job Role or any data objects that contain a WHERE clause that links to the selected object.

Effectively what this means is that for all charts in the HR Data Connection an extra line of SQL will be added if the Job Role is, in this example, Healthcare Representative.

For other users this SQL line will either be:

  • Replaced with their name if they also have a User Restriction configured

  • Removed completely, showing data for all Job Roles, if they don’t have any User Restriction on this object