Additional Data

Being able to make table columns invisible was previously an option on the ‘Attributes’ screen.

In the August 2021 release of the dashboard an additional section was added to the Chart Editor, ‘Additional Data’. The ‘Additional Data’ tab is used to add data that will be hidden in both charts and tables.

In the following example, we’ve added the object ‘Employee Count’:

We’ve then chosen a colour and condition in the Colours section that will identify rows in the table based on this hidden object.

When you’re using a hidden object to identify something in a table, remember to tick ‘Apply colour to whole row’ otherwise you won’t see any highlights in the table.

We can see, in the following screenshot, that the rows where the Employee Count is greater than 200 are identified in the table by the use of a colour associated with the ‘hidden’ Measure.

The following video has been produced to explain this feature in more detail.