Additional Details

Additional Data will work in the following ways:

  • Tables such as standard tables, rotated tables and editable tables have always had an option to make columns containing dimensions or measures invisible. This option was available in the ‘Attributes’ section however, from August 2021 onwards users will specify hidden data in the newly added ‘Additional Data’ section. Any columns that were made invisible prior to an upgrade to the August 2021 version will automatically be moved to the ‘Additional Data’ screen and will continue to work in the same way

  • Charts. From the August 2021 version, users will be able to add measures only that they want to make hidden for the selected chart

  • Analytic chart types. Hidden data is not allowed for this chart type - every data column will be visible

  • Non charts such as URL Link, IFRAME, Drill to Chart and Drill to Category do not support hidden data

  • Merged Tables and Merged Charts - users will not be able to specify hidden data for these chart types

Formatting of Additional Data

  • Formatting of additional data is not allowed due to the fact that the data is not visually displayed and additionally when using the data (e.g. to set the url when the drill down level is a Drill to URL) only the original value of hidden data without formatting, e.g. the inclusion of prefixes or suffixes, is used

  • If a table column was made invisible, prior to an upgrade to August 2021, configuration that was originally done in the ‘Attributes’ section will be moved to the Additional Data section

  • Tables - ‘Alternative Column Identifier for Merged Table’ can be defined. This was previously called ‘Alternative Column Title’ and has been renamed to reflect its actual usage


  • Tables. Both visible and invisible data can be coloured. Invisible items can also be used to apply styles to the whole row. For example, adding a hidden column will allow users to select colour options for that object that can be used to identify information in the table. Please refer to this video for more information

  • Charts. Hidden data in charts can not be coloured


  • Both visible and hidden dimensions can be used as sort items

  • All measures regardless if they exist in the data or not can be used as sort items

Maintaining additional data

  • Changing the chart type - additional data is maintained, and only invalid items are removed. For example, charts don't allow dimensions as additional data so only measures that appear in the additional data section will be kept

  • Changing the data connection - when the last data object of all hierarchies is removed a chart can start using data from another data connection. Hidden/additional data is fully removed when the last data object is removed

Filter data on Drill down

  • Table - hidden dimensions are allowed to filter data (existing behaviour)

  • Table - hidden measures are NOT allowed to filter data

  • Chart - hidden data (measures only) is not allowed to filter data

  • All the data, visible or not, are used on drill down to support Drill to URL text replacement