Creating New Charts and Data Tables

To create a chart, click the ‘Create new chart’ icon in the top-right corner of a cell on the dashboard.

If the cell already contains a chart, you will need to click the ‘Chart Tools’ menu before clicking the ‘Create new chart’ icon. This will allow you to create a new chart from scratch and replace the one currently in that cell.

On the ‘Edit chart’ screen, the Data tab will be displayed. This will show some of the suggested fields that can be used to create a standard Bar Chart, which is the default chart type.

You can:

  • Select the data that you want to use for a default Bar chart

  • Choose the data that you want to use and then select a different type of chart on the Chart tab (please note that data requirements may alter for different types of chart)

  • Choose the chart that you want to create on the Chart tab, this will then show you the appropriate objects for that type of chart when you return to the Data tab

The order that you perform these steps is down to personal preference and really depends on whether you know the data but are unsure of the best chart type to use or prefer to select the chart type first and then add the data.