Spider, Radar and Wind Rose


This chart type is typically used when looking at multiple dimensions.


This chart shows the number of male and female employees for each job role. We can see that there are more male employees in every job role except for Manufacturing Director where the numbers for male and female are almost the same. Data labels have also been added to the chart.


The Radar chart is a good choice of chart if you need to determine which variable is performing best. A radar chart is based on a Spider chart but instead of using just a line, the area between the axis and line is filled with colour.


This example uses the same data as the Spider chart however, the colours in the legend have been changed to make it easier to read and the legend items have been sorted into descending order.

Wind Rose

This chart type uses radiating spokes from a centre point. The length of the spoke represents the value, e.g. the longer the spoke, the higher the value.


This example shows the number of employees in each job role based on gender. The Legend is used to identify the different coloured spokes. Data values and a chart title have been added in the Attributes screen.