Replace Chart from Library

The ‘Replace chart from library’ option can be used to replace the current chart on the dashboard with one that was created previously. 

Click the ‘Chart Tools' icon at the top-right of the cell and then click the ‘Replace chart from library’ icon.

A dialog box showing all available charts will be displayed. You can find a chart by scrolling through the list or by searching for it by name. 

To search for a chart, type some or all the chart name into the ‘Type to filter’ field. As you start typing, the list of available charts will be filtered to show all chart names that contain the text. 

A small icon will be displayed to the left of the chart name, helping to identify the type of chart.

You can type text from anywhere within a chart name, it does not have to be the start of the chart name.

Click on the name of the chart that you want to use, the original chart on the dashboard will be replaced with the selected chart.