Resetting the Admin password

If you forget the password to your Admin account you can reset it by following the instructions listed below:

  • Firstly, create a backup of the dashboard.

There are a couple of ways to do this, but the best way which doesn't require the services to be stopped if this is a live system, is to go to the dashboard install directory > db. e.g. C:\Program Files\Dashboard\Dashboard\db.

From here, find the file called ‘create_backup.bat’ and run this file to create a backup. The backup will be located in the backups folder. eg: C:\Program Files\Dashboard\Dashboard\db\backups.

Copy the latest backup and send this over to us via and we will then begin the process of resetting the password back to the default value.

Once we have reset the account password, you will need to restore the backup.

To do this, run the new configuration tool > C:\Program Files\Dashboard\Dashboard\configuration-tool-GUI and click the Repository tab at the top of the screen.

You should then see the ‘Restore From File’ option in the Restore section.

Select this option and navigate to the file we have sent back to you.

Once selected you will get a popup box which will advise that this will stop and restart the dashboard services.

Select the option to ‘Restore From File’.

Once the restore has completed and the services have come back up following the restart, try logging back into the dashboard using the account details:

username: admin

password: dashboard