3rd Line Product Support

Key Responsibilities

Our Service Desk team provide 3rd Line Product Support to partners who have purchased a support package from us directly - these queries tend to be more advanced in nature, and therefore liasing with our development team is highly likely for such queries.

Basic and intermediate maintainance and configuration queries, typically known as 1st and 2nd line support for those who follow ITIL terminology, are expected to be triaged and performed by the partners own support teams.

To set your team members up to suceed, we highly recommend that they complete all three of our core dashboard training courses, which will provide them with a full view, and hands on experience of the dashboard - both the front end and the backend where the advanced configuration is controlled.

We do not offer a support service to cater for your own 1st and 2nd line support needs, and do not provide direct support to your customers and/or their end users.


Suggested 1st and 2nd Line Questions To Ask Your Customers

  • When did this start happening, has anything changed since then?

  • Has this ever worked before, or is this something new that has been recently created?

  • Is this specific to one user, or do others have the same issue?

  • Is this affecting all categories / charts or just a selection?

  • What steps did you take for this to happen?

  • Can you send me screenshots and/or a video of this happening again?

  • Can I recreate the issue myself, on a local or test installation?

  • If I roll back to a previous version, does the issue still occur?

  • Are all the dashboard services still running?

  • If I restart the dashboard services does that resolve the issue?

  • Are there any errors in the log files?

  • Has anyone else in your support teams had the same or a similiar issue previously?

  • Is there an issue with the Data Connection?

  • Can I find a video or section in a guide to help with this?


Please make use of our self service resources from the Website, piDocumentation, Online Training Videos, Frequent Support Topics, to TriPi, piAcademy training instances that can be spun up to help with your investigatations.


Examples of 1st and 2nd Line Queries

1st Line

2nd Line

1st Line

2nd Line

How do I reset a users password?

A chart is displaying an error, however other charts are displaying correctly

I do not have access to a chart that others people can see.

A chart is showing different figures for me, than those seen by another user

How can I change the minimum password length for users?

My chart is showing incorrect values after I applied a filter

Where can I get the latest version of the software?

Chart is not returning data, it appears to be quickly timing out


Embedded Dashboards

With more and more of our partners embedding the dashboard within their own application and/or sites, its essential that you create their own internal support documentation for future use by your support team for those configurations.

Panintelligence do not hold or store information with regards to partners dashboard configuration settings, meaning that when investigating any 3rd line issues, we may require you to provide these when raising a support case.

This level of partner documentation can be especially useful to you when you onboard new team members, or to act as a useful aid when used in conjunction with your own product or site materials.

Our relationship is with you our partner and not your end customer, therefore we expect that all dialogue, investigation and coordination on any 3rd line support queries will be managed directly with you our partner – direct contact between Panintelligence and your customer is not permitted, and them contacting the Panintelligence Service Desk is not supported, as all end user/ your customer queries should be directed through you our partner.


New Partner Onboarding & Early Days Support

Supporting a new product is not always easy, and we understand that, so appreciate that you might initially need more support during those early months of using the dashboard - even with our training and our self service tools.

To ensure you get the very most from the dashboard, we will continue to monitor the levels of support you are needing alongside your Customer Success Manager, who will work with you to ensure you have everything you need to support your solution going forward.


Still Need Help?

After utilising the self service materials, if the issue can not be resolved, its time to reach out to our Service Desk and Raise A Support Case.