Multi-Select Parent Filters

With effect from the 2022-03-31 release of the dashboard, new functionality has been added to support multi-select parent filters for most of the Cartesian chart types and tables. Users will be able to select multiple chart blocks or table rows and apply these filters as a list to other elements on the page. The selected elements, chart blocks or table rows, will be highlighted in the Parent chart.

In addition to the filtering options mentioned above, we have also introduced the functionality for legend item selection as a parent filter. This will filter the page and will also highlight, on the Legend, the items that have been selected.

The data table or chart that you want to use multi-select parent filters on must first be saved as a parent chart - you can find full instructions on how to do this here.


The chart types which support multi-select parent filter by X axis and legend functionality are shown below:

  • Bar

  • Stacked Bar

  • 100% Stacked Bar

  • Variable Width Bar

  • Column

  • Stacked Column

  • 100% Stacked Column

  • Area

  • Stacked Area

  • 100% Stacked Area

  • Spline Area

  • Step Area

  • Line

  • Spline

  • Step Line

  • Combined Chart

  • Waterfall

  • Horizontal Waterfall

  • Column Range

  • Bar Range

Multi-Select Parent Filter by X-Axis

Multi-Select functionality is triggered by using the CTRL+click method, hold down your CTRL key and then click on the chart columns that you want to use in the filter. The same principle works when deselecting items, if you single click a column without using the CTRL key the multi-select parent functionality will revert to just using a single column as a filter.

In the following example, we have a bar chart that shows Employee Count by Job Role and this has been set up as a parent chart. We then have a data table that shows Department, Job Role and Employee Count. By using the CTRL+click method on our parent chart and selecting the job roles of Laboratory Technician, Research Director and Sales Executive, we can see that the data table has been filtered to show the departments that these role are in and the employee count associated with them.

Multi-Select Parent Filter by Legend

If you set a chart to be a parent chart and then click on a legend item, this will apply the chosen filter(s) to the parent chart and all other charts/tables on the same category. Selecting and deselecting Legend items is done by single clicking a Legend item - multiple legend items can be selected at the same time.

Example of a single legend item selected:

Example of multiple legend items selected:

Combined X-Axis and Legend Parent Filter

Users will be able to combine legend item parent filters with an X-axis parent filter to select multiple items. Once a legend item is selected to filter, users will then be able to select single columns in a chart by using the CTRL+click method.

To de-select columns, use the CTRL+click method and click on the column you want to de-select.

In the following example, we have a parent chart that shows the Employee Count by Job Role and a Legend showing Gender. We selected Male employees on the Legend of our parent chart and then selected a couple of Job Roles on the X Axis (Laboratory Technician and Research Director), by using the CTRL+click method. The Table on the right will now show only Male employees in all roles except for Laboratory Technician and Research Director.


Multi-select parent filter functionality can be used on standard tables, crosstab tables and rotated tables. In order to use multi-select parent filters, double click the first row that you want to use to select it and then select additional rows by using the CTRL+click method. Selected rows will be highlighted and the rest of the category filtered by the selected rows.

Rows can be de-selected by using the CTRL key and clicking on the rows you want to deselect.